Sunday, January 22, 2012

Resident Evil 6: From horror to action game

     The RE6 trailer is out and the first one minute and sixteen seconds of viewing, the usual "new RE game" excitement kicks in. Holy shit, Raccoon City all over again, now that what I'm talking about! Stay with me, this is just the first one minute and sixteen seconds.

     This is very welcomed because of the recent disappointment of gameplay I have seen with the upcoming RE: Operation Raccoon City, which looks like pure garbage. If I wanna play a game that feels like Dead Nation (top scroller though), I'll play Dead Nation! But that's another story. So moving along, Im introduced to the premise of what RE 6 is going to be about and so far, so good. Im imagining braking that day-one-release game wrapper and inserting it to my PS triple. Im wanting this already. 1:17 the disappointment starts all over again, just like it was with Operation Raccoon City. I see the player is able to walk and shot and the same time. Ok, ok. I will admit that in the past, I myself would ask “why the hell can't I walk/run an shoot at the same time?”. What makes RE what RE is, is the fact that you have to calculate the space available to you and time allowed to fire a weapon to neutralize a target without seeing a “You are dead ” screen. But this feeling of urgency is part of the “horror factor” and you have be on the ball and make quick decision which impact rounds available and health on the next room/chapter. Stopping and shooting is what RE is about.

     1:40 in....hold up, am I seeing a fanmade Vanquish RE mod gameplay? Did I see a 3-hit combo? 2:44...this is not a Vanquish, this is RE in the Vanquish world (or engine so it seems). 2:52...Leon runs, slides and shots, just like you can in Vanquish. I now feel like two games were mashed into one. Vanquish and RE. My excitement for this game has turned to disgust. Wait for the slap in the face. On in the article “Resident Evil: Attracting CoD fans 'the dream,' says Capcom. 'Action route makes sense'”. Capcom UK's head of marketing, Dave Turner is quoted as saying "The dream would be that the millions of Call of Duty fans that are enjoying these fast-paced online games are attracted to this Resident Evil."(Robinson, 2012). Wow, did I read this right? COD has now infiltrated how I am going to play RE? I would laugh if this was an April fools joke. But it is not a joke. I think Dave Turner said it all himself..

     While you are at it Capcom, why dont we make it a FPS. After all, you want COD players to play it. Lets also throw in a 162-hit combo in there like in MVC3 cause this is way awesome action and you want action, right?. As like in MCV3, dont forget to throw pretty colors in there too so it look like a 5 year old used a paint brush on youre game and be able to button smash and look like a professional gamer on screen. Oh wait, I have a better suggestion, remember that Dolphin dive in Black OPS, that too. You could throw in some glitches like being able to hide in a rock and not  incur damage because MW2 players liked all this, that was way cool. As with COD maps, make them super small so you keep bumping into targets because spawning next to an enemy is way fun! Make it easily hackable so we have people cheating all the time and thus would require constant game updates (way to go on the job security there) because us as gamer like to spend time updating games rather than playing them.

     If RE is supposed to be COD-esque, IM OUT! I wont be picking up RE6 even if its in the bargain bin. I spoke with my money last time with MVC3 and will do same if you do not keep RE the way it is supposed to be. Capcom, Why do you think COD is a billion dollar making game? Id like to answer to you that, it because they have not changed there “formula”. Its basically the same damn game with a new single player (which I prefer than playing online, ugh online). Ive played COD for action and RE for horror. Two different genres, two different games. Keep that in mind. If you want us to play an action game, give us another Bionic Commando.


Robinson, A. (2012) Resident Evil: Attracting CoD fans 'the dream,' says Capcom. 'Action route makes sense' (internet). Accessed 1.22.12.